Efficiency and speed are increasingly the determining competitive factors in international trade.

In this market environment, industry and trade must ensure a partner in the customs and export sector who can recognize these high demands and implement them into corresponding products and services.

We move your goods quickly and competently through customs.

         Our Services:

  • Preparation of your import and export applications at all German customs offices
  • Use of specialized customs procedures, e.g. inward and outward processing or temporary use
  • Preparation of your preference and origin certificates, such as EUR.1, EUR-MED, A.TR, and certificates of
  • Transit declaration T1 / T2 / Carnet ATA
  • Assistance with determining the correct customs tariff number, the corresponding HS code respectively
  • Assistance with documenting the tax exempt supply to third countries for your revenue agency
  • Application for simplified procedures and binding customs tariff and origin information
  • Assistance with the application for approved exporter
  • Assistance during customs inspections
  • Communication with authorities (customs, Federal Office of Economics and Export Control [BAFA], etc.)
  • We classify your products / goods according to the Export Control List and the German Customs Tariff
  • Training and support of your customs administrators
We are happy to provide comprehensive consultation.
We look forward to your inquiries!

All imaginable goods are traded world-wide, from dressage horses over polymer raw materials to Memory Games or artifacts.

There is virtually nothing that cannot be declared to customs.

Not only do we support you with import or export applications but also in determining the correct customs tariff number and/or the application for the appropriate permit or authorization.

You would like to have your product catalogue classified. We are your partner also for that. You focus on your global customer acquisition and we look after your cross-border documentation.

We are happy to provide also initial consultation on all essentials that must be considered: where must the shipment be located at the date of customs declaration? Do I need a warehousing contract? Can I fill out a EUR.1, etc.?

For years, you have looked after your customs declarations yourself and now the customs inspector has arrived. We can still provide support at this stage, take over the communication with the customs authorities, and help to add to your future strength.

A practical example: You want to provide a EUR.1 for your customer in Mexico so that you can offer your product more economically. Your customs administrator was at the responsible inland customs office already twice and once again returned without the necessary customs stamp. Something else was missing and the provided certificate of origin was not sufficient. Work effort no longer stands in relation to any savings – STOP!
This is where we come in. Although we cannot drive to every customs office in Germany, however, due to our daily work with preference and origin certificates, we can comprehensively assist you beforehand and fill out the document for you. We look after the preliminary communication with the customs authorities and only then do we send the EUR.1 to customs where you will receive the necessary customs stamp.

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