Economic performance in Germany is predominantly propelled by the mid-sized sector. Hidden champions are global market leaders with their innovations and reliability. They are supported by customized, individual solutions for their products and markets.

Customs and export matters span various legal sectors and require constant information updating regarding amendments to legal provisions and statutory bases.

We provide this information competently and with flexibility in mind. 

         Our Services:

  • Preparation of your import and export applications at all German customs offices
  • Use of specialized customs procedures, e.g. inward and outward processing or temporary use
  • Preparation of your preference and origin certificates, such as EUR.1, EUR-MED, A.TR, and certificates of
  • Transit declaration T1 / T2 / Carnet ATA
  • Assistance with determining the correct customs tariff number, the corresponding HS code respectively
  • Assistance with documenting the tax exempt supply to third countries for your revenue agency
  • Application for simplified procedures and binding customs tariff and origin information
  • Assistance during customs inspections
  • Communication with authorities (customs, Federal Office of Economics and Export Control [BAFA], etc.)
  • We classify your products / goods according to the Export Control List and the German Customs Tariff
  • Training and support of your customs administrators
We are happy to provide comprehensive consultation.
We look forward to your inquiries!

We are committed to be up-to-date on the current daily status. If a new regulation was published yesterday, it will be implemented already on the next day and all staff is comprehensively informed.

We classify your products / goods according to the Export Control List and the German customs tariff, and work always with the most current daily status regarding embargos or declarations needed by the exporter.

We are happy to prepare all export and import documentation as well as the origin and preference certificates.

All necessary documents are prepared, transport is organized but what do I have to consider at the border, what do I still need to look after at the customs office at exit point? Also here, we offer a complete solution.

As a manufacturing company, you want to offer your product economically. You heard of the possibility to save duty through the use of preference documents. We not only assist in preparing these preference documents but offer also advice regarding supplier declarations requirements and check those declarations for their correctness. How does my preference calculation look like, or, respectively, how do I become an approved exporter? We are happy to assist with all these questions.

Whether regarding temporary solutions for vacation or parental leave, a complete solution for outsourcing your customs division, or solely for especially complicated or time consuming demands, we are happy to look after your customs needs.

The tasks which are stressful and time consuming for you are the elixir of our competence.

Our team monitors all export shipments 24 hours, 7 days a week, looks after clearance at all German airports, organizes and monitors each shipment during customs measures, and only steps back once the process is completed and you, the customer, have received the electronic export notice. Should there be any problems at this stage, we look after the communication with the customs authorities for you and obtain an Alternate Export Notice.

A practical example: You are a manufacturing company specializing in bath furnishings and bath accessories. You have the Customs Tariff Numbers for the export of your product range and your staff in the customs division is very familiar with the chapters of the list of goods. Plus, their customs knowledge in terms of export is well founded. Now, you require a new, highly specialized machine for your production. You find a machine that meets exactly your needs in a third country at a fair price. You are very familiar with export, therefore the matter of import cannot be that much more difficult. However, which chapter covers this machine, which machine specifications do you need in order to classify it, and why does the Customs Tariff Number now have to have 11 digits instead of only 8? Do I require further documentation, what about the CE-label or a German language manual? Do I have to declare the goods already at the EU-customs office or is a declaration at the corresponding inland customs office sufficient? So many questions!!! No problem. Your customs specialist is equally familiar with both and is extremely well informed in import and export trade. By all means, you can confidently manage your export yourself and we are happy to assist you with your import!

By all means, you can confidently manage your export yourself and we are happy to assist you with your import!

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