Air & Sea Logistics

For our customer group of Shipping and International Logistics Companies, speed resulting from highly standardized processing combined with 100% clearance quality and process competency are of existential importance.

Our know-how and system supported processes enable us to generate the decisive added value for our customers so that they can remain competitive.

         Our Services:

  • Preparation of your import and export applications at all German customs offices
  • Retroactive export declarations
  • Retroactive manual completion of export procedures
  • Use of specialized customs procedures, e.g. inward and outward processing or temporary use
  • Preparation of your preference and origin certificates, such as EUR.1, EUR-MED, A.TR, and certificates of origin
  • Transit declaration T1 / T2 / Carnet ATA
  • Summary exit declarations (A-SumA)
  • Transit clearances
  • Minimum quantity provision
  • Performance of customs inspections
  • Assistance during coordination of direct deliveries in FRA / AWBs
  • Exit clearance at all German airports with advance notices and routing slips for your transport company or drivers
  • Delivery of import documents outside of your office hours
  • Communication with authorities (customs, Federal Office of Economics and Export Control [BAFA], etc.)
  • Training and support of your customs administrators

Which preference document do I require for my recipient country?

Which declaration do I have to make for customs in my export declaration?

How do I get my AWB to the airline in time?

What actually is AES?

When do I require an A-SumA?

What do I have to pay special attention to in my import declaration?

T2L or T2LF?

So many questions!!!

Which are not only time consuming but can lead also to hefty expenses in the case of wrong declarations for customs or missed deadlines related to airlines.

But this does not have to happen. We offer our service for all customs matters in all of Germany and additional documentation services at the airports in Frankfurt and Berlin.
Whether regarding temporary solutions for vacation or parental leave, a complete solution for outsourcing your customs division, or solely for especially complicated or time consuming demands, we are happy to look after your customs needs.

We are happy to provide comprehensive consultation.
We look forward to your inquiries!

As experienced experts in the customs sector, we assist in a fast, reliable, and of course competent manner in all import and export matters and look after your complete electronic customs processing. 

Our two branches, located directly at the airports in Frankfurt and Berlin, allow us to act on your behalf in a timely manner also outside of your office hours. The advantage at the airport in Frankfurt am Main is that we have a team on location that, in addition, can handle your entire documentation.

Here, our fuly automated information system places us in the front lines. You can track your documents live so that you always know where they are at every moment: at customs, the handling agent, or maybe already back in your office.

Try it out and profit from this unique feature.

Electronic customs declarations automate the processing and monitoring of goods to the largest extent possible. This type of procedure guarantees highly efficient and time saving processing.

Since the start, m-p flash uses the system ATLAS (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System) which is required in Germany.

Controlling for Shippers, meaning information to the shipper if a shipment was not declared for customs clearance by the transport company, and has therefore left the EU without authorization, means the withdrawal from customs supervision.

We assist you until the customs process can be completed manually so that the risk of non-compliance procedures, fine proceedings against you or your customer can be minimized.

A Practical Example: You receive a huge pack of documents from your customer for the preparation of the export declaration and have actually no time to deal with it. No problem, you can simply forward the documents to us together with the customs authorization and we “work our way” through the documents. Our questions are already prepared so that you can forward these 1:1 to the customer. You have only one customs specialist in your import department? No problem, we also help out during downtimes of staff members. In this way, your regular service remains intact also during times of illness or holidays! You just noticed that an export declaration has not been written up but the shipment is already on its way? Also this is no problem for us. We prepare a retroactive export declaration and handle the communication with customs. We monitor our declarations up to the export notice and also assist with the manual completion of your declarations retroactively.

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