Our airline customers, those who are not involved in the operative clearance at German airports, depend on smooth and fast customs clearance as a parameter for their competitiveness.

The monitoring of document and physical customs clearance is as important here as is
the management of air cargo feeder services.

We offer complete solutions.

         Our Services:

  • Export clearance at all German airport
  • Performance of customs inspections
  • Performance of custom specific inspection measures
  • Summary exit declarations (A-SumA)
  • Minimum quantity provision
We are happy to provide comprehensive consultation.
We look forward to your inquiries!

Your customers overload you with MRNEs that have not been processed correctly. For you that means added effort since retroactive research costs on resources, time, and nerves. 

We can prepare processes in advance with you, so that all shipments can be processed at the exit customs office in a customs-compliant and just-in-time manner. Should a shipment fall through the cracks, we will be happy to assist in obtaining an alternate certificate.

Our team monitors all export shipments 24 hours, 7 days a week, looks after clearance at all German airports, organizes and monitors each shipment during customs measures, and only steps back once the process is completed and you, the customer, have received the electronic export notice. Should there be any problems at this stage, we look after the communication with the customs authorities for you and obtain an Alternate Export Notice.

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