Overland Transport

Smooth transport of goods is the basis of economical capability.

Nationwide parcel service, Europe-wide cargo solutions as well as demanding partial or full loads offer essential advantages for your development and servicing of European markets.

Our Competence and Experience provides you with the necessary competitive advantage.

         Our Services:

  • Preparation of your import and export applications at all German customs offices
  • Retroactive export declarations
  • Retroactive manual completion of export procedures
  • Use of specialized customs procedures, e.g. inward and outward processing or temporary use
  • Preparation of your preference and origin certificates, such as EUR.1, EUR-MED, A.TR, and certificates of origin
  • Transit declaration T1 / T2 / Carnet ATA
  • Summary exit declarations (A-SumA)
  • Minimum quantity provision
  • Transit clearances
  • Performance of customs inspections
  • Assistance during coordination of direct deliveries in FRA / AWBs
  • Exit clearance at all German airports with advance notices and routing slips for your transport company or drivers
  • Acceptance of documents from your customers in FRA and handing them over to your drivers
  • Communication with authorities (customs, Federal Office of Economics and Export Control [BAFA], etc.)
  • Training and support of your customs administrators

We are happy to provide comprehensive consultation.
We look forward to your inquiries!

Based on the highly standardized customs processes, we develop individual, customized solutions within the framework of a system partnership. In this respect, our competences include the entire export process, from shipper to the export notice, as well as the entire import process, from provision to the recipient of the goods. All services are performed by qualified customs agents thus guaranteeing a fast and safe clearance according to customs regulations.

For us, control means uninterrupted monitoring of your shipments. It may not be easily understandable but those declarations made erroneously in documents of the analog past are now declared erroneously in the IT-systems of today. It is our responsibility to recognize this and react accordingly. We perform our job with professionalism and commitment for the benefit of our customers.

Electronic customs declarations mean largely automated processed and monitored goods. This type of processing guarantees a highly efficient and time saving clearance. Since its implementation, m-p flash uses the in Germany required ATLAS system (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System).

Controlling for Shippers, meaning information to the shipper if a shipment was not declared for customs clearance by the transport company, and has therefore left the EU without authorization, means the withdrawal from customs supervision.

In this case, the m-p flash team supports the customer until the customs process can be completed manually so that the risk of non-compliance procedures, fine proceedings against the customer respectively, can be minimized.

m-p flash offers a first class import and export clearance service. Our customs specialists in Berlin support you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

A Practical Example: You are only staying within the EU and, therefore, do not need us. Yet, maybe you do. Transports through Switzerland must be separately declared. Transports through special areas, such as Heligoland or the Canary Islands must be separately declared for customs, taxes respectively. Your customer mentions a T2L document and you do not know what that is. No problem. We are happy to assist also in this situation and provide you with the necessary documents.

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