Customs workshops

You would like to train your staff or yourself in the export sector and customs? Expand or refresh your knowledge?

Double exposure of man with Transportation, import-export and logistics concept

There is virtually nothing that lies outside of our well established experience with customs or other authorities.

Our Partner designs seminars tailored to your needs and specifications and presents contents that are based on practical examples.

m-p customs education Germany Ltd.

Since 2016, now in collaboration with our Partner m-p customs education Germany Ltd., we offer highly successful seminars for companies – also in-house – conducted by certified customs experts. Customers appreciate them for their combination of theory and practice since all presenters are also actively engaged in their day-to-day work. 

Next to qualified training, comprehensive advice and well founded diagnosis are important for your success. Here, our Partner can help.

First, relevant processes are examined together and the necessary course of action is determined. It is important here that not only the processes are adhered to but also that all the corresponding regulations are fulfilled and observed.

On that basis, customized solutions are then developed which can subsequently be implemented together with you and, if needed, your partners.

m-p customs education Germany Ltd. is happy to assist with your seminars which can also be held at your location. Thus, impressions and insights into your company are gained which can be incorporated in order to tailor the seminar program to your operational reality.


Regulations are becoming stricter, new provisions and statutory bases more complex, and responsibility increases.

Our Partner takes over from here
m-p customs education Germany Ltd.

Through its daily contact with authorities, customs, and newly arising challenges, the team is always up-to-date and familiar with the many solutions that can be integrated in your company. Your processes are optimized according to your specifications while customs related requirements are kept in view. This allows for practical customs conforming solutions which can be developed together with you.

A note from our Partner:
Our products cover the entire sector of the customs and export industry. Together with our quality guarantee, we assist our customers in their international competitive success: We prepare them with our qualified training of their staff members as well as with comprehensive consultation and analysis of their customs and export processes. In addition, we continue to be there for you since our follow-up includes the entire control of suitable processes at every relevant junction. Therewith, we are always quickly able to correct deviations.

Nothing is more important for sustainable success than appropriate follow-up. We do not simply stop with a one-time training but continue to keep participants up-to-date with regular information. Your staff can thus feel assured in the performance of its daily work while we do justice to our principle

“We help you act”.

It is just as important for us that, after relevant consultation and implementation of processes, we monitor their compliance. This is the only way to ensure that the potential for our customers can be realized in accordance with the consultation results.

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